Sunday, May 3, 2009

If I were to be a tattoo artist

In class i tend to draw on everything i see.
Me, My papers, homework, the desk, my friends, walls, anything.
I personally draw flowers on me, my friends and
My friends think i should become a tattoo
if i were to be a tattoo artist i would specialize in flowers, and eyes, hehe.
I have an obsession with drawing eyes, and flowers everywhere, and if not that I tagg up the place.But shhhhh...

Newbie =)

First Time, Bloggin =)
I guess this is a good way to put myself out there to the public.
Haha Maybe Ill be discovered(sarcaasm), but that would be great.
I may not check this everyday, but hopefully I will start to, and meet new peeps.

i like to express myself with art.
I love graffiti+Hip Hop+clothing with graffiti+Nylon Magazine=L.O.V.E
I admire M.I.A,Fashion Designers, Indian Pussy,Kesh, Kid Sister, Kid Cuddi, Nylon Magazine, MetroPop.

I meet people every day, and in someway they either inspire me, i admire them, or pray for them.