Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls Rock DC!@ 9:30 Club

This Summer I spent a week learning how to DJ at Girls Rock DC! Camp. Let me tell yall this camp was the best girl camp I've ever been to. It was a camp where you either could join a band or a DJ Crew with other girls; and your options were vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard, or drums. The Range of age was from 8-18. So of course, the older girls joined bands together, and the younger ones. What was so cool, was that you could choose your friends and people you wanted to be in your band. 
 During the day we had our workshops with learning about preparing a show, stage equipment, Making your Logos and business cards, Songwriting[for the bands], movement and dancing[for stage], and getting your music out there if you really wanted to continue. 

I learned from 4 Female DJs; DJ Pinstripd' Rebel, Dj K La Boom, DJ K La Rock, and DJ Bullet( i don't remember her DJ name:/) I mean I may have just learned the basics of DJing, but that night at the 9:30s club I rocked the house with my partner JayBird[hype woman].  At First I was assigned with two other girls who were 14 and 10. We were going to be triple threat. But then, the other 12 year old was going to be stuck with Jaybird, age 8. Jaybird had a lot of energy and a mind of her own lol. I decided to suggest that I could be her partner and guide her through DJing since I have experience with children of her age and younger. She was also friends with my siblings of the same age and I went to the same elementary school as her, of course a long time ago. So I figured she would be comfortable with my partner, luckily everything and I mean EVERYTHING went SWELL.  :D

During the day of the performance, it was one band away from our performance, and man was I nervous. Me and Jbird were screaming our tongues out lol behind the stage, then we got ready and walked on stage. It was amazing and so much fun to see 100s of people out there. I wasn't nervous anymore. I just thought hey its our day to shine so lets rock this out!
 She was the most amazing hype girl ever lol. She got the crowd moving, jumpin'. laughin, and dancing with her words. And the songs we chose got the crowd movin and the people on stage. I am currently still taking lessons with one of the Djs who worked at the camp DJ K La Rock, and at W.B.L with DJ RBI and DJ40. They are all amazing instructors.My DJ Name is DJ Jam Swizzle but I may be changing it soon. The DVD will be coming out soon of the entire show. So look out!

Photo Credits:, BrightestYoungthings, Stephanie Vann.

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