Friday, October 23, 2009


According to Many Folks, I have been
You could pretty much say that I am very active 24/7. I have been in almost every possible art organization center or program in Dc you can think of.
I will always attend Words Beats & Life, which is a Hip Hop Arts Academy program. They have wo locations in DC, one in Anacostia S.E, and another at St. Stephens Church, in the Columbia Heights Area. I started going there for graffiti, and I have been learning how to Dj and break dance, which is very fun. They also always have events and art shows of the students and guest performers. Guest Performers such as Underground Hip Hop Rappers, and singers, as well as the well known ones. We just recently had an Art show at Ms. Pixie & Things, called "Lost and Found: 15th Anniversary of 2DK/ The L.A.B".   We get to do a lot of graffiti mural projects for the students. 

Last year, After school I also went to the Sitar Arts Center. There I took HIp-Hop, and Sewing/Fashion classes. I still take Hip HOp classes there, and I breakdance with my teacher.

And of course I went to the Arts and Media House which is combined with the LAYC Center, where I painted murals and got paid. So far, I had painted two murals with the Arts and Media HOuse. I also took a stencil class there. They have Photography, Stencil Art, Urban Art, and best of all Percussion Classes, Beatmaking, and a studio. Many of the students have made CDs of their songs and rappings. They also have art galleries, and performences. They also hold the Annual YouthFest Located on Irving St.

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