Friday, January 15, 2010

Adrenaline Rushhh Baby ;)

Its about 12:24 and I just got home from an Albus Cavus Classroom Campaign Fundraiser. Twas a Great Night I must say. Albus Cavus is a non-profit organization dedicated to making opportunities for the creation and appreciation of art. Last Summer I Did two mural projects with them which was totally awesome. The Sherman Ave. Mural and the Mural Jam[whom I paired up with Quest]. But today the people who were a part and in charge of the Sherman Ave. Mural. Peter, Decoy, Alex[i think], and Ultra they gave me and a few of the other teens a goodie bag for helping with the mural. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! I had never been to the Fridge Before which is located by Eastern Market Station located on 8th and H st. Wanna Know what was in the goodie bag?!?..Well I got 12 MONTANA spraypaint cans wooooo..acrylic paint set, paint brush, caps for the can, albus cavus t-shirt, and a sketch pad. :D Yay me!!!!! Also there was a performance by this folk/rock singer/guitarist/harmonica player lol Aaron Thompson. But Ill post up pics when the photographer puts them up on the page. :D
O.o and P.s check out the website to see all the murals and everything that Albus Cavus has done!

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