Sunday, January 3, 2010

7:40 AM

I have been up all night and it is 7:40 in the

I think I am gettin addicted to haha..i made a new friend too!

Im also addicted to Cafe World on my neighbor!haha

I wonder what my mom would've said if she had seen that I had been online all night and morning..tehe.

I didn't want to sleep..and now it is one more day till school...and of course PROCRASTINATION proceeds. ..:/ Gharr Gahh Garrr.

Im bored blogging because i like to type.

I am thinking of more updatin my blog more often with more interesting things this year 2010!!!!

Like special events, and art shows, and sweet shit yooo!

My goal is to DJ at the 930 Club and the Black Cat :D in DC...and to create my own vnyil toy and sell it!!

This year I need to make $$$ because i have no job since I get out of school at 5pm. Grr which is worth it. But Ima start doing murals, canvases, shoes, shirts, the whole 9...SOMEHOWWW. and babysitting..i love kids and they adore my kid-at-heart-self.

Ummm...yahh i wish i had more followers..that means my blog sucks...must UPGRADE.


eat some brainfood so that i get ideas of how to get you all.



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