Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well Everyone, Tonight was a good night.
And My belief of New Years Eve sucks ass has officially been changed.
Even though I did not get to spend time with my boyfriend who was a at a party, I got to spend time with a friend instead. So far the year has started off well and i really did enjoy myself..its sooo funny. Something and SOmeone has changed my thought on today and it was great!
But As the New Year has started...I lost my internship :( because of my mother, and my boyfriend is somewhat upset with me. But I will not let this all ruin my day or year. Plenty Great Things will be coming my way. I love life, and hope to live to see many more New years.
And I will follow through my New years resolution of not letting people walk all over me, and learn to be strong! I will love myself more and not let anyone put me down. But yea..ttyl lol

I hope you all have a great year and that you all had fun tonight!


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